Additional Farm Products!

Note:  We do not deliver products through the mail. 
All items will be sent with our current shareholder baskets. 

Farm Fresh Eggs
Limited availability for the Winter Season
Due to winters short daylight hours, chickens eggs production slows down drastically.  Here at our farm we do not force egg production be supplementing artificial light allowing the hens to cycle through the seasons naturally.  Please be patient for your eggs through the winter.  Smile knowing the hens are enjoying a bit of a break from their regular egg production routine:)  Yes, who'd have thought that even eggs have seasons?

Farm Fresh Eggs

Raw Local Honey

Pasture Based Stewing Chicken
Rabbit, dressed
(Not available for the Williams-Sonoma location)

Glass Jar Rental
(Not available for the Rainbow's End or Williams-Sonoma locations)

Goat Cheese - 1/2 pound container
(Not available for the Rainbow's End or Williams-Sonoma locations)

Heritage Breed Thanksgiving Turkey (Fall season)
Mountain Pastured Lamb (Fall season)
Duroc Pork, Sold out!:)

Current Shareholders only!
We will send out an email to current shareholders when these meats are available:)