Our farm is located in the beautiful Moapa Valley of Southern Nevada overlooking the scenic Valley of Fire and Red Rocks.  We are about 50 miles north of Las Vegas nestled in a  small agricultural community just 10 miles from the north end of Lake Mead.  

   The Moapa Valley has an ancient history, being home of the Paiute Indians and early Mormon pioneers who first settled here.  Throughout the years, Moapa Valley has been known for its year round growing season, and its ability to produce excellent fruits and vegetables.  At our farm we are dedicated to promoting and modeling the small family farm using organic, sustainable farming methods.


    With limited farming experience, but with an intense desire to produce quality, nutritious food for our family and friends we started a small CSA in 2006.  Knowing that our few shareholders were depending on us to produce quality vegetables throughout the season motivated us to stick to it even in the 118 degree heat of our intense summers. With  a few  knowledgeable local farmers as mentors, a lot of study and just plain hard work our small farm began to flourish.  There have been many frustrating and discouraging times, no doubt.  The learning process is not always kind, but we have grown from each experience and have come out better for it.  To add to the difficult times have been many wonderful, even miraculous experiences which we will always treasure.  What a journey this is!  We are now beginning our fifteenth year and have since added to our garden many small farm animals with barn and pasture, an orchard, vineyard, greenhouse, and apiary.  

    Unlike conventional farming practices of monoculture farming, CAFO housing of animals and unhealthy stockpiles of manure, the small family farm is enriched by the diversity of the various crops and animals.  The animal and garden waste makes a wonderful compost which enriches the soil.  The healthy soil produces an abundance of nutritious fruits and vegetables that feed us and the animals, too.  The bees pollinate the crops and provide nutrient rich honey for their colonies and a sweet treat for our consumption.  We eat the wholesome food from the farm which strengthens us to be good stewards over all.  What a blessing to be a farmer!  It is our desire to promote the small family farm not only in our area, but in every community. 

If we can do it, anyone can!