Broiler / Fryer Chickens

Here at Quail Hollow Farm we raise Red Ranger chickens.  These beautiful birds are not the typical meat birds that you will purchase at any grocery store or supermarket.

Nearly all chicken purchased in the United States is a white Cornish Cross variety that is bred to put on weight fast.  The typical barn yard chicken will not grow to full weight for 5 months.  The Cornish Cross will reach maturity in 8 weeks.  This growth is unnatural and unsustainable.  We raised them for a few years and were utterly disgusted!  They are voracious eaters which will eat each other if not fed 24/7.  If they are not butchered within 12 weeks they will die as their organs outgrow their bodies.  If raised in confinement, as most are, they are required to have anti-biotics and other medications to keep them going.  This is not healthy food!!  We started looking for something different.

We are now growing the Red Ranger variety of broiler/fryer chicken.  These are lovely birds that we enjoy raising.  They take longer to reach maturity, but they are not as voracious eaters as the Cornish Cross so the feed is about the same.   These birds are sustainable as they will breed and produce eggs if left to do it.  They have a mild temperment and are a pleasure to raise.  They produce beautiful, tasty meat with a rich, yellow fat that is filled with Omega 3's because of the fact the they are raised outdoors and on pasture. 

We love these birds!  We think you will too!